Gemma Daniels, on love and shopping

Gemma Daniels of Hydra Creative
Gemma Daniels of Hydra Creative
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Busy designer and mum of one Gemma Daniels loves shopping and has romantic plans for Valentine‘s night. Though the gifts seem to be for herself...

Running a business with your husband can mean little time for romance.

But Gemma Daniels, 33, of Sheffield bespoke website design agency Hydra Creative, sees Valentine’s night as a great excuse to spend some quality time together. The Beauchief couple always exchange gifts, but Gemma, usually a keen shopper, admits her other half puts more effort in than her. “Ryan’s great at present buying - he’s much better than me. I still haven’t got him his gift yet,” she says.

1. Jane Fardon lipstick in Warm Spice, £12

Knowing Jane personally (we at Hydra Creative designed and built her True Colours Image Consultancy website), it stands to reason that I would be a fan of her truly fantastic lipstick! Creamy and moisturising, this is the best lipstick I’ve ever used. And what better excuse to treat myself to a new lippy than Valentine’s day?

2. Red Fox scarf, £9.99, Chic Accessories, Bakewell

I love this little shop, and always make a beeline for it whenever we visit Bakewell. The owners stock a truly fabulous range of scarves in all the colours of the rainbow - I find it’s almost impossible to pick just one. When I saw this one, which is printed with witty images of leaping foxes, I had to have it - plus it’s the perfect colour for Valentine’s day!

3. Soundtrack to disney movie frozen, £7, Google Play

It’s tradition for our family to go to the cinema on Christmas Eve. Last Christmas was no exception and some of our clients and their children joined us. We went to see the Disney film Frozen. My daughter adored it, so last week I downloaded the motion picture soundtrack for her. It’s such a romantic album. I’m sure this album will get played on the 14th!

4. HTC One phone in red, free on a 24-month Phones 4 U contract

I love red. I had my colours done last year (life-changing!) and I’m an Autumn Leaf, which means I should wear it, plus purple, teal, yellow, and orange. So when my phone contract was renewed I jumped at the chance of a red phone. The HTC is a true workhorse and so far, I’m loving it and haven’t missed my defective old iPhone once.