Fish and nips for kids

IT looks like a nightmare for the ticklish...

But that isn't stopping adults and children dipping their feet into a bowl full of little fish for a new skin treatment in Doncaster.

The Funky Feet Spa at the Frenchgate Centre opened last year, offering customers the chance to get rid of unwanted dead skin on their feet.

Now the business has expanded to offer the treatment to children under 10, as well as the grown ups.

Bosses believe they are the first in the industry to offer the treatment to children in their specially designed Little Nibbles tank.

The idea came from Liza Jones, the owner of Funky Feet, who has a daughter of her own - Holly aged six.

She said: "When we first looked to set up the spa my daughter was fascinated with the treatment so I began to think that it should not be aimed simply at the older market - which is why we decided to introduce the Little Nibbles tank for children under 10.

"We wanted to do something different and it is fantastic when we get a mother or father and their child come into us and you see them enjoying the experience together.

"The atmosphere is all about trying something new and allowing children to experience something that they may not otherwise get the chance to do until they are older.

"A child's view on something like this is completely different to an adult's in terms of they see it as fun and exciting so we are thrilled that we can offer this to them."

The treatment uses Garra Rufa fish which are native to Middle Eastern countries including Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

They have no teeth so the sensation is an unusual tickling feeling as they remove the dead skin from your hands or feet.

Liza also believes the saliva of the Garra Rufa can is good for the skin because of an enzyme called diathanol.

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