Felicity’s Journey takes her to a new American audience

Felicity Knight
Felicity Knight
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...From one sort of book to another...

A South Yorkshire teacher-turned-writer whose debut novel was described as quintessentially English is set to go big – in America.

Felicity Knight’s debut book Carenza’s Journey – about a war-time orphan whose life takes her on a remarkable journey into antiques – is being released in the US next week. London-based publishers Austin Macauley reckon the tale of love, loss and Wedgwood furniture strikes just the right note to be a hit with readers across the pond.

“It’s strange to think someone will be able to walk into a bookshop in the US and buy the book,” says Felicity, of Braithwaite, Doncaster. “I’m very proud but really I’m too busy to even think of it. I’ve got a second book coming out here soon, and I’ve already started work on a third.”

Not bad to say that first tale was only picked up by the publishers, as previously revealed in The Diary, after it was originally put online as a self-released e-book. Which itself wasn’t bad to say the mother-of-two only had a crack at writing after retiring as a primary school teacher. She’d previously worked in several schools across the county after moving here from her native Worcestershire in 1983.

“It’s lovely to think people like what I’m doing,” she says.