Fair Point: Crystal methodist moves midlife crisis up a gear

Paul Flowers. Picture: PA.
Paul Flowers. Picture: PA.
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Now I’m not going to start condoning drug-taking – I’ve heard The Stone Roses’ second album so I know how tragic the consequences of illegals can be – but, boy, hasn’t the news got interesting of late?

You sort of shrug when you read about the Mayor of Toronto being caught on video smoking enough crack cocaine to make Pete Doherty shudder.

These things happen in North America. Life’s different there. I know because I watch Breaking Bad.

But now it turns out Paul Flowers, a Methodist minister who was (until two days ago) the chairman of the Co-Op bank right here in Blighty, has been forced to stand down after a newspaper allegedly (allegedly, allegedly!) filmed him buying crystal meth, crack cocaine and ketamine for a party he was hosting.

To be fair to Mr Flowers, at least he can’t be accused of failing to provide a choice of refreshments for his guests.

To be fair to the Co-Op, though, it’s not ideal having a bloke who unwinds by taking a horse tranquilliser at the head of operations. Clearly he had to go.

But here’s my question: what’s with these middle-aged men in positions of power suddenly becoming drug fiends?

What’s wrong with the traditional way of resolving a mid-life crisis – buying a Jag and shacking up with someone young enough to be you daughter (or, in Mr Flowers case, son)?

Act your age, guys.