Dream team of celebrity customers

Robbie Savage
Robbie Savage
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It is a question that leaves Tom Wharton momentarily speechless.

“Who would I most like to have made a suit for, alive or dead?” tailor Tom eventually ponders, as he mulls it over in his mind.

“I’d have loved to make something for the Brat Pack,” he answers. “That look, that style, that persona... it embodies everything about the tailor-made lifestyle.

“Other than that, Bond in Barrington Ayre would be pretty cool! I get four or five people a month coming to me with a picture of Daniel Craig in a tuxedo, and ask if they can have something similar.

“Of course they can, but will they look like Daniel Craig? No. I’m only a tailor, remember!”

But, through his links with the likes of Michael Vaughan, Dan Walker and Robbie Savage, Tom is quickly establishing a reputation as one of the best around. After initially working with Vaughan, word-of-mouth quickly which led to other celebrities climbing on board – and Tom doesn’t pay them a penny.

“I’d love to be able to,” he chuckles.

“But I suppose that’s the ultimate compliment, really. Another of my customers, cricket commentator David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd, refuses to wear the free suits Sky Sports provide him with, and instead he pays to wear mine. How can I argue with that?”

Tom is speaking after I became the latest convert to his stable, plumping for a one-button, single-breasted, two-piece suit with contrast stitching on the buttonhole and cuffs. For a man who has been asked to make bright orange and yellow tweed shooting jackets for German customers, and also dresses the flamboyant Robbie Savage, it’s a safe choice. But whatever the colours, Tom reminds me, the goal remains the same.

“There’s nothing like the feeling of wearing a well-fitting suit,” he says. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and it’s important to make it count.”