Doncaster's mayoral system 'in tatters'

DONCASTER'S mayoral system was today described as "in tatters" after Mayor of Doncaster Peter Davies was left with an acting chief officer he has refused to work with.

Mr Davies was accused of wasting public money after a six hour meeting last night rejected his bid to ditch Doncaster Council's interim chief executive Tim Leader.

Mr Davies called the extraordinary full council meeting after telling interim chief executive Tim Leader he would not work with him.

He hoped to reverse the decision to appoint him, made last month following the resignation of previous boss Paul Hart.

But the council rejected a list of complaints against Mr Leader raised behind closed doors by Mr Davies and cabinet members at the meeting.

Opposition councillors believe the cost of last night's meeting will run into tens of thousands of pounds as specialist lawyers were brought in.

Coun Martin Williams, leader of the council's Community Group, said: "After the problems the former mayor had, I would have thought the current one would have learned he has to work with the councillors.

"I think the mayoral system is in tatters. I think it doesn't work for normal councils, and this demonstrates that. I think the system has proved to be unworkable. It has been tried and failed.

"How much did last night's meeting cost? It has been a complete waste of money from a mayor who talks about saving cash. And it was only about an acting chief executive, not a permanent appointment."

Alliance of Independent members leader Coun Garth Oxby said: "We have to move forward now for the people of Doncaster."

He added he felt the mayoral system was not fit for purpose.

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