Dear Santa, please give the gift of hope

Weston Park Cancer Charity fundraiser Helen Gentle
Weston Park Cancer Charity fundraiser Helen Gentle
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What do women REALLY want for Christmas? Helen Gentle, Fundraiser at Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity reveals a new pair of wellies - and a shiny new car -are top of her wishlist...

“I have to admit shopping is not my favourite pastime. I’d much rather be out in the countryside walking the dog or tucked away in a cosy café reading the newspaper,” admits Helen Gentle, who is leading Weston Park Hospital’s Cancer Charity Christmas Star Appeal, which encourages people to donate to the charity over the festive period. Friends and family have been asking me for months what I would like for Christmas, it’s taken a while but I’ve finally come up with my ideal wish list...”

Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity fundraiser Helen Gentle

Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity fundraiser Helen Gentle

1. Colourful Wellington Boots

Since I got my puppy Millie in May, my boots have had a lot of use on regular walks in Rivelin valley. It’s her favourite thing to do. Her second favourite appears to be chewing my wellies. I found out the hard way last week that my left boot now has a large hole in it. New wellies please, Santa - and maybe a better behaved dog!

2. A good book

I love a good read and with a long Christmas break planned, hopefully I’ll have plenty of time to get lost in a book. After really enjoying The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns I’d love to read Khaled Hoseni’s new book, And the Monuntains Echoed. I’ve also heard The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman is meant to be very good too.

3. A New Car

It would seem that my 12 year old Skoda, affectionately known as Roland, is not a big fan of the cold. He coughs and splutters every time I have the audacity to suggest to him that he might like to move. A shiny new car would most definitely be on my wish list. I can see myself in a cute little Mini Cooper with a Union Jack roof... Sorry, Roland!

4. Many more Christmases for families

Material things are great, but honestly the best Christmas gift I could have would be for people to back our Christmas Star Appeal. We’re asking people to spare just a few pounds to support families who are affected by cancer and help them to have a brighter future. For more details go to