Beauty hit and miss

I Coloniali Velveting Hand Cream  (�17.50 from Marks and Spencer- Meadowhal
I Coloniali Velveting Hand Cream (�17.50 from Marks and Spencer- Meadowhal
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Deborah Somerset-Malia, the boss of DSM Training Solutions Limited, shares her best and worst beauty buys:

HIT: Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil, £7.50, Sainsburys.

It is really difficult to pick just one thing as I do love playing about with beauty products! However, one of my latest finds is this body oil. I do a lot of swimming and needed something extra to keep my skin soft and hydrated and bought this as it was on offer. It smells lovely, is oily but not greasy, keeps my skin soft and gives it a lovely sheen. You do not need to use a lot, so it will last. I took it on my recent holiday and applied it every night after a shower.

MISS: Pure Pedi hard skin treatment, £13, QVC

I bought this in preparation for my recent holiday as an extra to my usual foot file. You have to put your feet into two plastic boots containing liquid and leave for an hour. The skin then peels off over the next few weeks. Mine didn’t and developed into big areas of hard, dry, skin- very unsightly. I wasn’t supposed to file the skin away but I did. My feet are much better now, but still not completely back to normal, but much better. I’ve since seen lots of very negative reviews on QVC’s website.


I Coloniali Velveting Hand Cream, £17.50, Marks and Spencer

This thick, almost waxy cream sinks immediately into skin and leaves a matte effect rather than the greasy finish so many hand-creams do. It’s the rice bran oil in the formula. Since ancient times the ingredient, renowned for its soothing, protective and velveting properties, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and cosmetic products. It seems to instantly nourish; skin ‘eats’ it up. It’s quite addictive. I can’t stop using it. It smells lovely, too.