ASIDELINES - So you're aware - sign under repair

SPOTTED: this sign telling us this sign is under repair.

But, one wonders, if this sign is working well enough to display this sign saying this sign is under repair, is this sign not also therefore working well enough to display a more useful sign?

Or could we simply get rid of this street clutter in The Moor, Sheffield, all together?

Hair of the pig

SHEFFIELD lass Julia Bradbury might be "no spring chicken" according to BBC bosses - but it seems she's certainly no friend of the humble pig.

The 40-year-old Countryfile presenter, who was described so unflatteringly in a leaked email, is currently recording a new show which looks at animal by-products - including how hog hair is used to make brushes.

It seems the stiff black hairs which grow on a pig are perfect for combing our locks. The still untitled show will be on BBC3 later this year.

Got a view? Leave a comment below.

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