ASIDELINES: More films make No Limits event

MORE film festival news - although this is a bit closer to home. Submissions for Sheffield's No Limits extravaganza are now being considered.

It is the UK's biggest student film showcase and organisers - a collective of Sheffield University and Hallam students - are calling on amateur producers everywhere to get involved.

Last year 130 pieces were screened across the city over two days.

"We're going through the entries but the idea is to show as many as we possibly can," says spokeswoman Emma Cuckson.

The festival will be held April 2 and 3. By way of publicising it, screenings of films from last year's event will be held at unusual venues in the run up.

Details at

It gets earlier...

ONLY 11 months and two weeks until Christmas - and one Derbyshire group is already preparing for 2011's festivities.

The Old Dronfield Society is planning to produce its own card, and has started its search for the perfect local snow scene to grace the front.

The group is requesting anyone with winter wonderland pictures taken during the recent Arctic blasts to get in touch at

Mags package

NATURE journals covering the Sheffield area and stretching back nearly 30 years are up for grabs.

All issues of The Sorby Record still in print - the earliest is the 1982 edition - can be bought as a 20 package.


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