Arnhem hero has life - and capture - recalled in new book

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And here’s another South Yorkshire hero being immortalised in a book by a relative this Remembrance Sunday...

Tom Hicks, of Royston, Barnsley, was a paratrooper who took part in operations across Europe and North Africa during World War Two. He was eventually taken prisoner at the infamous 1944 Battle Of Arnhem.

Now, after he has just turned 94, his son Norman has written his biography.

And while it may not be aimed at children like Charlie’s War Illustrated, this is every bit as Boy’s Own.

“My dad has lived a fascinating life in fascinating times and I wanted to tell his story,” says Norman, 65, of South Staffordshire.

Among the action Tom - a peacetime railway man - saw was the invasion of Sicily and rescues in Africa. At one point he recalls sharing cover with a dying German soldier at Arnhem.

“He was moaning and kept repeating ‘Wasser...wasser’, asking for water. I carried two bottles and we were fortunate I had enough to share. He thanked me over and over, and held my hand.”

The book goes on to chart Tom’s post-war life including marrying Sadie and becoming a grandfather-of-five - as well as doing one last parachute jump aged 88.

“He always wanted to do it again,” says Norman.

n Captured At Arnhem is published by Pen & Sword.