Anna Melton shares her four best buys.
Anna Melton shares her four best buys.
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What has you reaching for your purse? We want to know! PR specialist Anna Melton, 39, lives, works - and shops - in Chesterfield.

A move to a new office has transformed Anna Melton’s shopping sprees.

The mum of two from Wingerworth, who runs public relations company In the Works, says: “Until recently the majority of my shopping was done online – groceries included. “However since moving to the centre of Chesterfield I now get the opportunity to have mini shopping trips and have discovered lots of interesting little local shops, which is good for the soul but bad for my bank balance!”

1. Sycamore leaf pendant, £45, Adorn

This is my mum’s Christmas present. She lives in Newcastle so I’m counting on her not reading this! When she visited recently and I took her into this quirky little jewellery shop in the Shambles in Chesterfield. She was smitten with this pendant. There’s a huge sycamore tree in her garden. My brother and I used to spend hours playing on the swing my dad rigged up on it.

2. Raincoat, £5, Luvbaby

Having two kids means our weekends are chocca-block with invites to their mates’ birthday parties. There are so many parties, I set a spending limit of £5 on gifts. I saw this raincoat in the window of Luv Baby in Chesterfield when I was passing one day and couldn’t believe the price. It’s practical yet fun and comes in lots of prints. I intend to buy one for my youngest son - and for all his friends’ birthdays.

3. Teacup candle, £27.50, St Pancras

I bought this Victorian china teacup, saucer and side plate on a whim while I was waiting for the train home from London at St Pancras Station recently. It’s actually a candle, fashioned from antique crockery. I got it from a new shop that only sells British-made gifts. It’s earmarked for the hallway windowsill if and when the decorating is ever finished!

4. Ornamental sheep, £10 & £20, national trust

I was visiting Gibside in the North East which is down the road from where I grew up. I couldn’t resist this pair of wire sheep (now known as Siobhan and Shaun) in the NT gift shop. I think I may finally have found ornaments my kids cannot break. However, I did find my youngest using the smallest sheep (Shaun) as a passenger in the trailer of his toy tractor yesterday...