WI branch a beacon

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Home-spun WI women are being held up as shining examples of what the organisation is all about.

The city’s largest branch of the Women’s Institute, Seven Hills WI, is currently featuring on the homepage of the national organisation’s redesigned website, one of only two groups out of 6,600 to do so.

They will be seen by thousands of visitors to the site.

Seven Hills WI President, Lindsay Garfitt appears on the banner of the WI website’s homepage, and also on the ‘Become a Member’ page.

Seven Hills WI Secretary Kim Whelan said: “There are more than 200,000 WI members across the country so we are very proud.

Seven Hills Women’s Institute was established in October 2009 and currently has 101 members.

Lindsay will appear in a new WI handbook due to be published later this year.

Charity has the answers

A Sheffield self-employed mum has praised Sheffield Information Link after it helped her solve a child care problem threatening her business.

Gemma Hopkins of Pitsmoor is a self-employed bookkeeper and mother of three. For three months Gemma searched in vain to find childcare for two hours a day. “I could not believe how difficult it was to try and find childcare for such a short period of time,” says Gemma.

She turned to Sheffield Information Link (SIL) and immediately found what she was looking for.

SIL is Sheffield’s only independent provider of information on health, education and childcare issues for thousands of Sheffield families. The charity has been operating in Sheffield for 25 years.