Today’s Woman: Emulate the stars and go for stripes

PA Photo/River Island.
PA Photo/River Island.
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n Let your silhouette be your guide to finding your perfect stripe.

Spots versus stripes is the print showdown everyone in fashion is talking about at the moment.

PA Photo/Dorothy Perkins.

PA Photo/Dorothy Perkins.

Everyone was seeing spots for spring fashion stories, but come summer, the stripe wins hands down.

Just about every fashion brand features a blaze of stripes, taking the lead from international designers.

Catwalks were transformed into stripe sensations at Prada, who sent clashing multi-coloured stripes in orange, green and yellow down the runway.

Jil Sander kept things simple with bold blue and white lines, while Marc Jacobs mixed things up, clashing stripes with florals.

PA Photo

PA Photo

Think horizontal, vertical, chevron, multicoloured or monochrome

Candy Stripes

Colour blocking is one of this season’s biggest trends and bold stripes are the easiest way to achieve the look.

Chunky, bright and super-sized, the mantra is ‘the bolder the better’. Big,strong deckchair stripes will be making a statement - but be careful if you are body conscious.

“As a general rule, the wider the stripe, the more it will draw attention to your figure,” says Johanna Payton, author of Fashion Detective (

“If you have the figure and the attitude to go all-out, black stripes against vivid colours are great, as are rainbow stripes in primary colours,” Payton suggests.

“If you want to be more subtle, look for softer pastel combinations.”

Shy Stripes

AP Photo/Giuseppe Aresu/PA Photos.

AP Photo/Giuseppe Aresu/PA Photos.

You don’t have to be an extrovert to get in line with the stripes trend.

Opt for one striped piece, pick out a key colour, such as pink, and find another item in a matching shade.

“Because stripes are such a strong fashion statement, you don’t have to cover yourself in them to work the trend,” she says. “Carry a striped clutch or try a stripy scarf.

“Another good way to acknowledge the trend without going too far is to wear a striped tank or vest under a sheer, loose-fitting shirt or jersey – it looks fashionably casual, understated and effortlessly cool.”

Rebel Stripes

Get creative and clash mismatched colours and prints for a contemporary take on stripes.

AP Photo/Antonio Calanni/PA Photos.

AP Photo/Antonio Calanni/PA Photos.

A tired floral dress can look instantly on-trend if it’s accessorised with a striped blazer.

Payton says: “Stripes work beautifully when mismatched with florals or motif tops. You could team a striped A-line skirt with a floral blouse, or try a striped maxi skirt with graphic print T-shirt.”

High contrast colours are the easiest way to work an attention-grabbing look, especially on the beach.

“Mixing and matching stripes with swimwear looks hot and is right on trend,” Payton explains. “Try horizontal stripe shorts in red with a vertical stripe top in orange for an eye-popping effect.”

Shape up with stripes

Let your silhouette be your guide to finding your perfect stripe.

Johanna Payton says: “Most women will have to put a bit of effort into finding the right stripe for them - this trend demands some research in the fitting room.”

Here’s how to wear your fashion stripes without looking like Where’s Wally.

Horizontal stripes can make you look bigger, so wear them on your smallest area, whether it’s your top or bottom half.

Thin stripes or stripes used as trim detail on hemlines are ideal for petites as they won’t swamp your frame.

Try a dress with a horizontal stripe top and vertical stripe bottom if you’re pear-shaped to balance your proportions.

Choose vertical stripes if you want a slimming effect or to create the illusion of length.

Use carefully placed horizontal stripes to accentuate your curves.

PA Photo/Monsoon.

PA Photo/Monsoon.