Suits you to help others

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Earlier this month businesswomen handed over their unwanted suits to help jobless women get back to work. Now it’s time for men to dig deep.

Tailoring company A Suit That Fits has teamed up with three homelessness charities to help people back into work.

“We are calling on men to donate their unwanted suits,” says the company, which has a branch on Ecclesall Road. “Each charity offers work and learning outreach programs to their members to equip them with the skills and confidence they need. But they regularly find their members have nothing to wear to their interview which affects their confidence.”

Donated suits will be gifted to homelessness charities Amber, Broadway and Emmaus.

Donators will be rewarded with a £50 tailoring voucher.

Suits can be dropped off unril 4.30pm today at Emmaus Sheffield charity on Cadman Street, Sheffield, S4 7ZG, or next Monday, April 2, at the A Suit That Fits studio, 2nd Floor, The Portergate, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8NX.

Tone test

Beauty brand Une have devised an easy way to determine your skintone.

Before you put make-up on, comb back your hair and place a gold or an off-white scarf around your face. Repeat with a silver or pure white scarf.

One of the scarves will flatter your complexion , the other will make you look dull.

If the gold or off-white scarf works for you, your skintone is warm. Opt for blushers, complexion enhancers and lipsticks in peach tones and clothes in gold, vermillion, beige, khaki or bottle green.

If silver and white suit your complexion is cool. Go for pink-toned products and wear cherry red, pebble grey, chocolate and fuchsia.