Sheffield MP has Ministerial dreams of writing a novel

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.
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DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg reads a few pages of a novel every night and would ‘love’ to write one, he has admitted.

The Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam started writing a novel in his 20s, but it had been ‘shockingly bad’, he said.

In an interview with Easy Living magazine, the 45-year-old said he would still like to write one in the ‘simple, sparse’ style of the double Booker Prize-winning JM Coetzee.

Mr Clegg said he reads ‘religiously, every night before I go to sleep’.

He said: “I cannot think of a time when I have finished the day without reading just a few pages of a novel.

“There’s no more wonderful escape at the end of any day - whether it’s a good or bad day - than to lose yourself in a great big novel.”

Mr Clegg said his first attempt at his own novel was inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Autumn Of The Patriarch and was written from the perspective of ‘a man at the end of his life - which is quite an odd thing to do in your early 20s’.

He said: “I wrote about 120 pages; it was shockingly bad and will never see the light of day, but I would still love to write a novel.

“I find writing therapeutic. I would love to emulate the style of one of my favourite writers, JM Coetzee, although I don’t think I ever could.”