Review: Hey Stoley, Sheffield Art Space

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Hey Stoley, Sheffield Art Space

A QUINTET of highly talented musicians from Sheffield and Leeds, Hey Sholay have seen their star has risen spectacularly in the past six months.

Tonight they host a packed gathering of invited fans, musos and press to celebrate release of their double A sided single through Label Fandango, affiliated to the legendary Fierce Panda.

Dreamboat, produced by maestro Dave Sanderson at Sheffield’s 2Fly studio, and The Bears The Clocks The Bees, produced by Ian Davenport (whose CV includes Radiohead), have recently bagged national radio airplay and very positive reviews.

But this isn’t a band with just two good songs; their set is packed with gems like opener Goodbyes And Gold Teeth (A Song For A Sparrow) and the wonderful In Bed With Old Nick (Kids In Bearsuits On Drugs).

Sholay create an extraordinary atmosphere of psychedelia, enhanced by some original visual projections. But the focal point is vocalist Liam, whose extraordinary range is a treat to behold, along with the dynamic stage show of guitarist Laurie.

The singles inevitably go down a storm and the excellent, slower paced Climbing Up The Wall, with some emotive vocals, is a strong candidate for set highlight.

After tonight’s memorable performance Sholay have a spot at Serbia’s huge EXIT festival and Sheffield’s Tramlines festival later this month.

Sean Bruce