Review: Bill Bailey, Motorpoint Arena

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IT’S a mixed blessing, perhaps, when a comic is so prolific with the funnies that you struggle to remember what it is they said the next day.

But such is the way when Bailey’s comet blows into town with a mix of the surreal, the observational, and the musically odd, making him consistently him the most inventive and rounded, if daft, comedian in the land.

And there was little more surreal than the idea of Bailey seemingly touring arenas in tandem with pop princess Britney Spears, due in the same venue the following night as she had been elsewhere on the tour, much to the bearded one’s chagrin.

In fact, this prompted a mocking metal version of her infamous single Hit Me Baby One More Time amid a generous set that saw BB mixing bizarre musical elements – such as Nirvana’s Come As You Are played on a Middle Eastern oud – with alarmingly hilarious film footage alongside bona fide political points.

Bill’s Dandelion Mind show is loosely themed around the subject of doubt. After a West End residency and a tour that has criss-crossed the planet leaving aching ribs in its wake, it’s a wonder this brilliant operator, TV regular and mad professor of mirth can even contemplate the word.

He remains one of our greatest funny men.

David Dunn