Mums ‘fail’ in skills of yesteryear

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Research suggests traditional ‘mum skills’ such as knitting and baking are dying out.

Younger mothers just don’t have the time.

New research has found that the majority of women under 35 struggle with a string of skills their own mums would have carried out with ease.

While nine out of 10 mums under 35 don’t know how to starch a shirt, half can’t sew and three-quarters can’t make gravy from scratch.

The survey, which was commissioned by kitchen appliance manufacturers Neff to mark the launch of its Bake It Yourself campaign, found that mums over 45 were a little more skilled – 38 per cent could starch a shirt, 75 per cent could sew, 67 per cent could knit and 62 per cent were able to make gravy from scratch.

Nearly half of the younger mums said they made more of an effort to learn traditional ‘mum skills’ after their children were born – yet, despite this, less than a third could make pastry, only 38 per cent could bake a pie and just 23 per cent could knit.

Four out of 10 younger mums still rely on their own mum to help them do things such as cook a casserole and bake bread because they’ve never learned how to do it themselves.

And while more than a third were embarrassed at not being able to perform typical mum tasks, a fifth admitted they couldn’t be bothered to learn a new skill.

Sue Flowers, brand manager for Neff, says: “We all like to rely on our mum for help and advice, which is why it’s such a shame that younger mums today find themselves too busy to enjoy time spent baking with their children and other traditional tasks.”