How to get home colouring right

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DIY home hair colouring is on the rise.

As women try to cut costs and extend intervals between salon visits, many are taking to hair touch-ups at home.

Hair mentor and stylist to the stars Jayne Jackson of Doncaster shares her tips, including how to pick the right shade and why you should never colour hair on a Saturday evening:

Always go for one shade lighter at least, and never put the colour on the entire hair.

If all looks OK you can add a little water to your hair for the last 10 minutes and work the colour on the roots through to the ends. This will give the hair a more even tone.

Never do your colour on a Saturday night or Bank Holiday weekend in case you need to speak to the manufacturer’s helpline. They may not be open on a Sunday or Bank Holiday so don’t take the risk.

Wear old clothing, use old towels and cover the surface you are standing on.

Put some Vaseline around your hairline and ears to prevent staining,

Use a timer. At home there are distractions and you might just lose track of time. Going over time can be disastrous.

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