Heart of steel to be unveiled in Rotherham town centre

How the Heart of Steel will look in Rotherham
How the Heart of Steel will look in Rotherham
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A two metre high steel sculpture in the shape of a heart is to be installed in Rotherham town centre.

The artwork will be unveiled outside Rotherham Minister in a celebratory event on Saturday, July 4, to show how much residents love the town.

The heart is connected to the much-anticipated Yorkshire Man of Steel sculpture which will tower above the M1, near Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield.

It is a replica of a huge steel heart which is being planned for inside the 30-metre high stainless steel statue.

Thousands of people have already pledged cash to have their names, or those of loved ones, engraved on the statue’s super alloy steel heart.

Up to 150,000 names can be featured on the two-and-a-half metre heart, which weighs two-and-a-half tons.

Sculptor Steve Medhi said: “The idea for a replica Heart of Steel sculpture came about because I wanted to do something for Rotherham Heart Town, which The British Heart Foundation has identified as having high levels of heart disease.

“I also wanted to show how much the townsfolk of Rotherham love where they live.

“Rotherham Council has collaborated with local business people like Chris Hamby to revitalise the town centre and other projects and the improvements have been fantastic. There’s a lovely new green space – opposite The Minster.

“I met the Rotherham Heart Town panel and I really wanted to see if we could do something that was good for Rotherham.

“A replica of the Heart of Steel seemed such a good idea so I approached a few of the companies that are helping the Yorkshire Man of Steel project and they agreed to help – Outokumpu, Maher Ltd and Performance Engineered Solutions Ltd gave materials time and expertise.”

Speakers at the unveiling on July 4 include Steve and South Yorkshire television star Dean Andrews, with performances from a choir, brass band a string selection. Local schools have also been invited to put times capsules in the heart.

n To donate to the Yorkshire Man’s Heart visit www.yorkshiremanofsteel.com/heart-of-steel