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WITH a background that includes two spells as a professional goalkeeper Terry Alderton is happy to be putting in a laughable performance that is intended.

Bound for Chesterfield’s Winding Wheel tomorrow, his live show includes stand up mixed with unpredictable alter egos, digressions, caricatures, impressions and sound effects.

Since bursting onto the scene 12 years ago, Terry, pictured, has presented the BBC’s flagship Lottery show and played a fireman in London’s Burning among straight roles that have also included a gangster in Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

Southend Football Club also re-signed him briefly following his display on Sky One series The Match.

n Sticking with southern jokers, Cockney comedian Micky Flanagan makes his Sheffield City Hall début on March 28.

A busy 18 months have brought numerous telly appearances, including coming second on Celebrity Mastermind with a chosen subject of Bruce Springsteen.

A former Billingsgate Market fish packer and window cleaner from Bethnal Green, Micky draws on his East End background.

He tells a comic tale of a working class upbringing, where ‘alphabetti spaghetti’ was a luxury and a bottle of Blue Nun the height of sophistication.

Terry graduated to the comedy circuit big time a couple of years ago with an Edinburgh Fringe show about his rise from working class Herbert to middle class ‘ponce’, and being caught between the two.