‘Glam granny’ look all the rage

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Grannies are inspiring the season’s latest dress code.

Old lady chic is in, say Debenhams.

Granny-style cardies, tweed mid-length skirts and flesh coloured-tights walked down the catwalks of Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton in Paris, New York, London and Milan and the trends have now filtered down to the high street.

The look has been embraced by fashionistas like Cheung, Agyness Deyn and the Geldof girls.

Demand for ‘Nan favourites’ such as round-neck blouses, mid-length skirts, tweed skirts and brogues – albeit with a designer twist – have soared in Debenhams.

Debenhams Director of Design Karen Peacock says: “Some may say that this trend is more Miss Marple than Marni but its popularity continues to increase.”

Danger warning on internet kits Beauty recessionistas are taking their bargain-hunting to dangerous extremes, warns the owner of a Sheffield clinic.

Some women searching for a smoother, younger face are scouring the internet for DIY treatments. They are snapping up kits to inject their faces with frown-busting Botox and wrinkle-smoothing fillers.

But it’s an extremely risky practice, warns Cheryl Barton, nurse manager of Aesthetika Sheffield, a beauty and skincare clinic based at North Anston.

“It is terrifying. If you buy a kit or product on line you have absolutely no idea what is in that syringe. At best you will have just wasted your money but, at worst, you could cause yourself serious harm,” she warns.

Speakers for women’s event

An ex-alcoholic, a nun and an American Evangelist are to tell their stirring stories at a women’s event later this month.

An eclectic group of speakers has been garnered for the Woman to Woman Conference on Saturday March 26 at Hope City Church in Sheffield

Tickets cost £10 if pre-booked or £12.50 on the day. Call 0845 52 52 52 or go to www.premier.org.uk/sheffield