Forget the pain, we do love heels

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British women loom large over the rest of Europe – thanks to their heels.

Female Brits have tottered their way to the top of the heel charts with an average height of 3.3 inches, according to new research by Compeed footcare products.

Some take it to even greater heights, with a quarter of women surveyed wearing heels four to six inches high and a sky-scraping 3% braving heels that are more than six inches.

In comparison, Spanish women wear an average 3.2 inch heel, Denmark 3 inches, Germany 2.7 inches and France 2.4 inches.

Perhaps we are just making up for our lack of stature – British women are among the shortest in Europe, the average 18 to 29 year old standing at 163cm.

German women are the tallest in Europe at 168cm and younger Spanish women are just one centimetre taller than British women.

“Research has suggested that a tall woman is considered more assertive, confident, richer, capable, successful, independent and even more intelligent than their shorter peers,” psychologist Emma Kenny explains.

“The British woman is an ambitious breed, and if putting on a pair of six-inch heels increases her career prospects, rightly or wrongly, the savvy individual will do so.”

Sandra Chatelain, spokesperson for Compeed, adds that our love of heels comes at a price.

Some 65 per cent of UK women get blisters from wearing high heels.

“Despite this, one in two are prepared to endure a level of pain they ranked as comparable with toothache and earache.”