Film tempts Indian talent

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A video made by Sheffield University is launched today - aimed at persuading India’s most talented young people to come and study in the UK.

The film makers were given unprecedented access by the Home Office to follow the fortunes of two Indian students as they applied for visas to come to Britain.

The finished work has been released today to coincide with International Students Day, which supports young people from overseas who contribute £8 million to the UK economy every year.

Its aim is to help young Indians better understand UK university application processes.

The film will be made available to Indian students and their families via YouTube, from the Home Office and through links from Sheffield University’s website and other institutions around the country.

Both students - Arshi Aggarwal and Angesh Anupam - featured in the film are now successfully studying in the UK.

The video was made by award-winning Indian filmmaker Ravi Lekhi with the help of BBC journalists.