Ex-detective Trevor pursues the UK’s worst serial killers

Former murder squad detective Trevor Marriott
Former murder squad detective Trevor Marriott
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The UK’s Worst Serial Killers, Winding Wheel

This two-hour audiovisual show is presented by retired murder squad detective Trevor Marriott, pictured.

He followed up his long cold case investigation into the most infamous British serial killer, Jack the Ripper, with an extensive study into the cases of some of the UK’s worst serial killers.

He is the author of the best-selling serial killer book titled The Evil Within – The World’s Worst Serial Killers which documents 70 of the world’s worst serial killers.

He also toured with a show based on that book last year.

In this new show, he describes and highlights the murders committed by 20 of the UK’s worst serial

killers going as far back as the late Victorian period, many of which may not be so familiar to the many people who take a great interest in the crimes of serial killers.

This new show contains more than 200 photographs of the victims and their killers and photographs from crime scenes, many of which have never been seen in public before.

Trevor says that he not only portrays the killers as the monsters they are, but goes to great lengths to show the errors and bad decisions made by law enforcement officers at times in allowing some of

these killers to roam free to kill again before finally being captured.

He also shows the pain,

suffering and anguish the victims must have endured before succumbing to death and the pain and

suffering of the families who had loved ones taken from them in such violent and tragic ways.

The show is at the Chesterfield venue tomorrow.

Box office: http://www.chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk/ or call 01246 345 222