Discover sudden deaths from the past

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Thrilling tales, scandals and heart-wrenching tales of Sheffield past will be explored during a special event.

The Sheffield General Cemetery Trust is hosting a Sudden Death Walk and Talk, which will bring stories of city residents who suffered an untimely demise back to life.

The doomed romance of German musician George Pischell, a happy holiday outing that ended in a terrible accident as a horse and carriage collided with a steam engine in the Derbyshire hills and the death of a policeman following an attack by a drunk in Angel Street will be among the tragedies discussed this Saturday, May 18.

Organisers will be selling copies of the trust’s latest book Danger and Despair – a history of significant sudden deaths which took place in Victorian Sheffield – on the tour.

Anyone interested in attending is asked to meet at Sheffield General Cemetery Gatehouse at the end of Cemetery Avenue, just off Ecclesall Road, at 2pm.

The event will last until about 3.30pm and is free, but donations are welcome.

There will be free, light refreshments at the end of the tour.