Come in no. three – your Zumba’s up

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Are you ready to Zumba?

Get on your dancing shoes, because Sheffield’s Zumba Sisters are bringing their 2011 Zumbathon to Sheffield City Hall’s Grand Ballroom this Saturday, June 4.

Siobhan and Sarina Ratcliffe, famed for being the first to bring Zumba to Sheffield, are set to take more than 200 Zumba fans through their paces to raise money for two local charities, Neurocare and Cash For Kids.

The 2011 Zumbathon will be the third the sisters have organised and the second to take place in Sheffield. Last year 80 Zumba enthusiasts raised over £300 for charity. This year, the number of participants has already doubled – testament to the fact that zumba, the dance-based exercise class, is growing in popularity

Sarina and Siobhan have been dance and fitness instructors for over 20 years and their sister Samantha will be making a special trip over from Las Vegas to join them as a guest instructor.

To join in, order a ticket (£10) from the Zumbathon website

Get the retro look that fits

FOR Wombwell vintage fan Kirsty Lazenby, the clothes rails of charity shops, the pages of old magazines and even discarded curtains are the passport to a stylish world.

Kirsty, aged 23, re-fashions the past, snapping up vintage pieces from the 1950s to the 1980s and restoring them to sell at vintage clothes fairs around the country.

But now her Vintage Sweetheart label, which is about to go online, also sells strikingly accurate replicas she has fashioned herself from retro fabrics and patterns.

Unlike true vintage pieces, which are one-offs and usually in tiny sizes, her own items can be customised to fit her customers like a glove.

Pieces are made in old silk, cotton and velvet from a variety of sources – including curtains and bed sheets.

Kirsty set up in business with the help of the Business Mine, a service for students and graduates at University College Barnsley and the University of Huddersfield, where she studied journalism, plus a £2,400 Barnsley Start-Up Grant.