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Clarks La Tuilerie colour contrast wedges, �44.99.
Clarks La Tuilerie colour contrast wedges, �44.99.
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[Standfirst] The future is bright... Wean yourself off black and get creative with colour.

If monochrome is for minimalists and busy prints are for maximalists, then bright colours are the happy medium.

Red dress, �35; Dorothy Perkins (

Red dress, �35; Dorothy Perkins (

They instantly inject a burst of sunshine into your wardrobe and with the trend for colour-blocking set to continue through to autumn, get shopping.

Stick to bold, primary shades for a look that won’t date and go for simple silhouettes and clean lines. Your chosen shade can create maximum impact with very little effort.


Turn up the colour volume by working separates in the same hue. Sticking to one key colour has styling benefits if you’re lacking in height or want to shave off a few pounds.

“Wearing the same colour top-to-toe will elongate the body and make it look slimmer,” explains Veronique Henderson, Colour Me Beautiful creative director.

Bright suiting is the easiest way to work the look, whether it’s trousers, skirt or shorts. Try a power red or dazzling cobalt blue.

If you’re wearing a bright dress, create double the impact by matching your accessories in a similar shade.


If one bright colour just isn’t enough, then experiment with the clashing effects of multiple bold blocks.

“If you are tall and have a column body shape, you’re better off ‘breaking’ up the body with two or three colours,” Henderson advises.

“Two colours work well to balance out rectangular or apple body shapes but just make sure the ‘break’ doesn’t happen at the widest point of your body.”

Orange and pink make for a stunning summer combo, while red and blue are a good autumnal tag team.

If you’re lacking in clashing creativity, cheat! Let the high street do the hard work for you with clothes and accessories that are already colour-blocked.


Head-turning colour isn’t for everyone, but there are still ways to venture into rainbow territory if you’re on the shy side.

Team a boldly-coloured separate with neutral colours like beige, black or white to instantly tone down the brightness and make it feel more wearable.

If colour still feels like a scary prospect, add accent accessories to the mix - a bright bag, shoes or scarf will work wonders on a bland, colour-free outfit.

Once you start wearing colour, you can build up until you reach your comfort zone.


Pick the right palette for you. Colour Me Beautiful’s Veronique Henderson guides you through the colour maze:


Everyone can wear red but getting the right undertone is crucial - is it warm (yellow-based) or cool (blue-based)? It’s a great colour to wear at the end of the week when your energy levels may be flagging.


Wearing green conveys a sense of calm and reassurance. But there are cool greens and warm greens - and you need to know which suit you. If in doubt, stick to teals and turquoises; they suit everyone.


A mid shade of blue, such as sapphire, is a great colour to brighten up your wardrobe throughout the year. Blue conveys trust, peace and order.


Wearing yellow is an instant shortcut to make you feel summery and renewed. But zesting up your wardrobe with citrus shades is best left to those with warm skin tones.


A great colour to wear when you are feeling a little off-colour, as it gives a flattering lift to any complexion, pink brings out femininity and suggests gentleness and empathy.


Purple is known as a ‘universal colour’ - it suits all, however the fabric will affect things. A silk or velvet will show purple in all its brilliance, whilst a linen or wool will tone it down.