Chesterfield FC appoint poet in residence

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Derbyshire’s Poet Laureate Helen Mort has won a new commission – as Chesterfield FC’s Poet in Residence.

Sheffield-born Helen said football can excite and frustrate and she hopes to put into words the emotions the game generates.

“For many people poetry seems abstract and difficult to relate to,” said Helen.

“I’d like to help to break down those barriers and being involved with my home town football club may just help.”

Helen, aged 28, who was raised in Chesterfield, recently attended her first game.

She said: “Stadium announcer Howard Borrell suggested I might like to get involved with the club and his enthusiasm rubbed off.

“I can see so many opportunities to identify with a new audience, enabling fans to enjoy writing that brings to life their favourite sport.

“It’s early days yet but I hope supporters will be able to relate to my work.”

A five-time winner of the Foyle Young Poets Award, Helen has been tipped as ‘the rising star of British poetry’ and was Poet in Residence at the Wordsworth Trust at Grasmere in the Lake District in 2010. She will have a two-year term as Derbyshire’s Poet Laureate.