Andy’s shed load of laughs on comedy tour

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Mock the Week regular Andy Parsons is a man in love with his shed.

Andy, who is appearing at the Lyceum on Sunday, said: “I do all my writing from the shed. It seems like a very good starting point for a show. I’ve Got a Shed seems like a random title for a tour but it’s more than that.”

It’s safe to say he’s not much a gardening fan, though: “It did have more gardening equipment but we wanted a second armchair in there.”

By ‘we’, Andy means he and his wife. This shed is no man cave: “I don’t like the male preserve idea. My wife and I are very fond of the shed. It’s more about getting away from the kids. We take the baby monitor down there! Obviously it’s a bit of peace and quiet at the bottom of the garden.”

Andy reveals in his show that he has political ambitions, partly because he is so fed up with the idea of Boris Johnston being the most popular politician. If a comic character can become a resepcted politician, surely a real comedian has a chance too, he reasons.

Well, maybe. “Maybe I oversold the serious side. Initially it was just an excuse for more jokes,” he said.

He says that all will be revealed at the end of the show.

Clearly Andy has his finger on the pulse of current events as a regular on topical game show Mock the Week, something that has put him firmly in the public eye. It certainly helps ticket sales.

He said: “I’m able to play better and better theatres, having done more on the TV. But easily the most enjoyable stuff is doing your own solo work.

“There’s no censorship and you’ve not got any double takes from the BBC about whether you can say this or that. And you’re not fitting into a space with six other comics.”

Andy turned to comedy in 1991 to get away from a boring job. He said: “I was writing various little bits of comedy for radio. Simon picked me up from there to do stuff for Spitting Image.I thought I’ve got all these other jokes that nobody wants. I may as well just tell them myself.”

He used to work in the legal world but hated the law and jumped at the chance to take redundancy. His bosses wern’t exactly standing in his way.

“If everything goes t**s up I can go back to it,” he joked. That’s if the political career doesn’t work out, of course.

Andy is appearing at the Lyceum on Sunday night. Box office: 0114 249 6000 or go to