Charity calls for ladies to clear their closets

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When it comes to fashion, it seems Sheffield women are adopting a ‘wear it once’ attitude - according to a new study by national children’s charity Barnardo’s.

According to the figures, the average Sheffield woman spends £88.36 per month on her wardrobe, yet many of these clothes are left languishing in the back of the closet, with some seeing the light of day just five times before being retired or forgotten.

And now the charity is calling for women in the city to ‘trim the fat’ and donate unwanted clothes and accessories to its #MyBarnadosDonation campaign, to support vulnerable children in the UK.

Julie Beecham, area manager for Barnardo’s, said: “We’re all guilty of wearing an outfit a few times and then forgetting about it, but we were surprised to find the average Sheffield woman’s wardrobe has at least five items that will never be worn again.

“So this Saturday, instead of going shopping for yet another outfit, we’re asking people to put aside an hour to sort through their wardrobe and donate items they no longer wear to their local Barnardo’s store. We hope this campaign will generate over £100,000 worth of clothing donations to support vulnerable or disadvantaged young people.”