ZOO captures a third top studio

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Entertainment industry software specialist ZOO Digital says things are looking up following a programme of investment and restructuring.

The Sheffield-based company, whose software is used by companies involved in film and TV, publishing and marketing, says improvements have continued and the business remains profitable.

ZOO says its Cloud-based film subtitling and management system, ZOOsubs, has now been adopted by three of the six major studios.

More than 70 per cent of feature films are localised for different markets around the world using subtitles because that costs a tenth of the price of dubbing the dialogue in a different language.

Chairman, Roger Jeynes, said: “This early success underlies our belief that this is an area of potential significant growth for the company.

“Good progress is being made against our strategic goals. We believe that the diversified range of products and services we have developed provides us with exciting new opportunities which are already bearing fruit.

“While we remain alert to wider economic uncertainties, we are confident for the year ahead.”

ZOO Digital’s clients include film companies like Paramount, Disney and Warner Brothers, the BBC and Nickelodeon, Warner and Universal’s music businesses and book publishers Harper Collins, Hachette and MacMillan Education.

Clients use ZOO’s integrated suite of cloud-based and desktop applications for adapting audio visual content and printed materials for distribution in different languages and different formats and delivery mechanisms, including as DVDs and Blu-ray discs, e-books and Internet downloads.