Your views on state of Sheffield’s shops

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READERS of The Star have aired their views about the state of Sheffield’s shops - after it was revealed more than one quarter of the city centre’s retail units are standing empty.

The statistics show 26.1 per cent of city shops are vacant, the sixth-worst of any British city or town, and a three per cent rise on last year.

Readers have been giving their reaction on The Star’s website -

One user, MJB66, said: “Sheffield city centre in my opinion is not a comfortable place to shop and I can’t enjoy spending my money there.

“Fargate is too cluttered and full of phone shops and charity collectors. ”

Sir Taxedalot wrote: “The city centre is dying as a shopping destination because of high parking charges, high bus fares, expensive rents and taxation and it is unpleasant and unsafe.”

A user writing under the name Handsworth said: “I gave up general shopping in the city years ago because it was a nightmare getting parked and checking I had not overstayed my welcome according to the cash paid.”

Seen It All said: “Sheffield, and its shopping centre, has been on a downward and slippery slope since our staple industries - the basis of our prosperity - were destroyed in the 1980s,” they said.

But Hound Dog said: “The main factor that is causing the increasingly high rate of vacancy in the city centre is the continuing recession.”