Youngsters highlight strong determination to succeed

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Anyone who thinks teenagers lack determination should take a long look at the youngsters who have been taking part in the Work-wise Employability summer camp.

Youngsters like 14-year-old Christopher Green, who lives 75 miles away from Sheffield, on the east coast.

Christopher goes to Hornsea School and, with nothing like the summer camp available in his area, he has been staying with his grandparents in Sheffield to make sure he didn’t miss out on the chance of taking part.

“I’ve enjoyed the environment, everyone has been nice and it’s a good place to work,” says Christopher, who has been based at Newburgh Engineering’s Rotherham plant.

“I’ve enjoyed the working hours, the freedom and the responsibility. I’ve enjoyed learning about new things. I’ve learnt a lot and there’s been some good banter.

“Now I’ve seen what it’s like I’m even more excited to get out of school and get into it. I’m already thinking about my career beyond school and maybe going to the University Technical College.”

Christopher is looking even further ahead to a career in the energy sector – in renewables or, possibly, on oil rigs.

He says he would have no hesitation in advising school friends to take part in future Work-wise summer camps.

“I would tell them that if you want to get into engineering or into work generally then do it.

“It’s a shame we haven’t got something similar where I live, I think it would add a lot,” he says.