X-Cel Superturn tops Sheffield SME profit table

X cel superturn 'Andrew Taylor
X cel superturn 'Andrew Taylor
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If it keeps on growing like this, X-Cel Superturn won’t be in this supplement in future.

The Sheffield precision machined component company could soon outstrip the SME category altogether.

It is just above to move operations on the Advanced Manufacturing Park from one unit it took only three years ago to a new one three times the size.

A company it bought six months ago in Leeds – Colson X-Cel – has reported a 100 per cent increase in profits and a 50 per cent rise in turnover.

And the workforce has risen from 140 to 180 in the last year. X-Cel’s headquarters are in Brightside, Sheffield, and it has a subsidiary, X-Cel Precision, in Batley.

Turnover should be £30m by accounting year end in April and £36m the following year.

Managing director Andrew Taylor, who founded the company in 1984, said: “We have invested heavily in a lot of machine tools. We have got some very good customers in the oil industry and we work hard to try to understand what they want and work hard to give it to them.”

Export is 90 per cent of sales. The strength of sterling and recruitment are his two main difficulties.

“It’s hard to find the right people and they require quite a lot of familiarisation and training. We constantly have vacancies, but as we have got bigger people see we are doing well and want to work for us.”

Dransfield Properties is the second most profitable Sheffield SME with £2.6m profit in the year to the end of December last year.

But the firm, which has only 19 employees, experienced a big drop in profit from the year previous when it made £5m.

The smaller figure was still enough to place the firm ninth in today’s Top100 table which is ranked by profit.

Andrew Malley, retail property director at Dransfield Properties, said: “Dransfield Properties has enjoyed a continuous period of growth over recent years and 2014 will see that trend continue. During 2012 part of our profits reflected the sale of an asset which has enabled us to further invest in our projects in the region during 2013 and 2014.

“Over the last 12 months the main focus of our business has been the steady growth of our balance sheet and investing further in our shopping centres, this year we have completed the final phases of our centres in Manchester and Stoke on Trent. 2014 has also seen us complete our Penistone 1 project in Penistone, South Yorkshire as well as starting work on the £42 million Fox Valley project in Stocksbridge, north Sheffield.

“We have been fortunate as a company to work in some fantastic market towns and district centres over the last 20 years and we’re looking forward to laying the first bricks on the main site of the Fox Valley development early next year. This year we have also invested in our head office management team as well as introducing a new graduate training programme at our shopping centres.”EMSC (UK) is third in the Sheffield table. The firm which makes power-saving equipment made £2.267m profit and climbed from 28th to 13th in the main table this year.

In January it secured £3m funding and said it aimed to become a £60m company in the next five years.

The firm moved to a factory at Smithywood Business Park in Sheffield last year, which increased manufacturing capacity by 500 per cent.