We’re looking forward to travelling free on the train

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My wife and I are pensioners and have suffered the same fate as every other pensioner in the region by having the use of our travel passes reduced.

The 9.30am start to using the passes on buses is a problem, and we do miss trips to Leeds and Doncaster on the train on Saturdays.

However, I am astonished by the reports in The Star of groups of pensioners being allowed by the train companies, and the police at Barnsley, to travel on the train without paying because they were protesting against the changes.

What do these people think that they are doing?

They are playing into the hands of all those under pension age who, through their own ignorance, believe that pensioners have had cosy lives and all retired with a bank full of money and are now getting free travel as well, while they have to pay.

Why the pensioners are protesting against the SYPTE cuts is beyond me, as it is well documented that the cuts are caused by grants from the Government being reduced.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if a couple of hundred pensioners jumped on a train to Leeds on Saturday morning, and they all refused to pay on the grounds that they were protesting about their passes. Would they be allowed to travel for free? Imagine the uproar that would cause amongst the fare-paying passengers who would probably eventually see their fares rise to pay the shortfall in pensioner subsidies.

My wife and I don’t like the cuts and would have been happy to pay a small fare to travel and help make up the shortfall in subsidies rather than lose our rail travel.