Water firm says sorry to Sheffield residents

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Water bosses have promised to step up efforts to solve sewage problems in a Sheffield beauty spot.

Residents living near Shirtcliffe Valley in Mosborough hit out at Yorkshire Water over raw sewage spilling out over public footpaths and litter being washed up in streams and brambles following heavy rain.

Sheffield South East MP Clive Betts joined forces with the Friends of Shirtcliffe Valley to demand urgent action from the firm, which is responsible for drainage at the site, last week.

Now the company has said it is working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water said: “We’d like to apologise to the people in Shirtcliffe Valley who have come across sewage which has spilled from our sewer.

“We are currently working with other agencies like the Environment Agency to find a solution to this issue and will also be liaising with the landowners, Sheffield Council.

“We have already carried out some CCTV surveys of the sewer, made some repairs and continue to monitor it on a regular basis.

“People in the Shirtcliffe Valley can be reassured that we respond within two hours to any reports of the sewer not working properly. These incidents only occur in times of heavy rainfall.

“We are hoping to get specialist consultants to look into potential options with a view to coming up with a sustainable solution.

“This is a complex issue because the sewer runs through an ancient woodland which is very much valued by the community.

“We can only work in the wood during very limited times of the year and we know that local people wouldn’t want us to dig it up to put a new sewer in. This means we will have to look for a more innovative solution and we are committed to investigating what this might be.”