Waitrose ‘fails cyclists’ over theft

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UPMARKET chain Waitrose is a bastion of organic and ethical grub – but its green credentials have hit the skids over the way it treats cyclists.

The store on Ecclesall Road stands accused of failing bikers after Martin Heelam’s machine was nabbed from a dingy alcove – with no CCTV – set aside for them.

A thief cut his lock and sped off while he did a 20-minute shop.

A policeman who looked into the theft said footage from a security camera trained on the adjacent lobby had “nothing of evidential value”.

Mr Heelam, of Valley Road, Meersbrook, said: “Waitrose makes great play of its environmental credentials but it fails when it comes to cycling, the greenest form of travel.

“It seems to have put little thought into deterrence, or gathering evidence should the worst happen.

“It’s all the more surprising because it is a high crime area.

“The bike park needs a bright light, a camera and a big sign saying it’s covered by CCTV.”

WAITROSE says it will improve the lighting. And it will ‘look into’ a sign and a camera.

A spokesman said: “I can confirm that we will be improving the lighting around the cycle racking to ensure it is brighter. The work should be carried out within the next week.

“We were sorry to learn of Mr Heelam’s experience. We have shared the CCTV from our lobby with the police.”