VIDEO: More than a million comes through market doors

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Moor Market seems to have hit the jackpot - with one million customers coming through the doors in its first three months.

The milestone was hit much earlier than expected after the move from Castlegate at the end of November.

Maxine Bingham and Suzanne Howard of Bingham and Browne

Maxine Bingham and Suzanne Howard of Bingham and Browne

The majority of shoppers and traders are full of praise for the new building, although a small number of stallholders say they are struggling to meet the higher rent costs with an increase in custom.

Paul Thorpe, of Slattery’s Butchers, said they had seen a 50 per cent increase in trade since the move and they have been able to take on new staff .

He said: “It’s very busy. We have been having a lot of good feedback and we have been getting a lot more trade with the addition of customers from Ecclesall Road.

“A lot of people have been saying the new building is a lot better, a lot cleaner and a lot warmer.”

Charlene Woracker, of Happy Valley ice cream specialists, is a new trader at the Moor Market and says it is going ‘brilliantly’.

“There’s a diversity of people here which is quite nice to see,” she said.

“It’s really good for Sheffield and we’re just hoping it’s going to bring the community together.”

But Juan He, of Wong’s Oriental Food, said although they are in a better environment, the increase in rent is still making business tricky.

“Trade has improved from when we were in Castle Market but the rent it is more expensive and the extra trade is still not enough to cover the difference,” she said.

However, shoppers on the whole are pleased with the move.

Gloria Robertshaw, 68, who made a trip from Silkstone Common in Barnsley especially to see the market with her husband, David, 67, said: “It’s a lot different to the other market but it’s cleaner, there’s more space and it’s not bad at all.

“You aren’t squashed up and pushed around in the crowd. It’s very nice.”