Transports of delight for Venezuela

Sheffield-based Loadhog's logistics system in use in Venezuela
Sheffield-based Loadhog's logistics system in use in Venezuela
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Innovative distribution packaging specialist Loadhog has secured its first deal in South America.

The Sheffield firm clinched the contract with Venezuelan pharmaceuticals store chain Farmatodo after creating a bespoke system to make it easier for Farmatodo to distribute products to its 136 stores nationwide.

Loadhog’s system uses a special pallet with retractable wheels – called a Pally – and a Loadhog Lid, with retractable straps that can also be tensioned.

Boxes filled with products are stacked on top of the Pally, which can cope with loads of up to half a tonne. The Lid is put on top of the boxes and secured to the Pally with the straps, which are then tensioned.

When the wheels are deployed the load can be easily moved around warehouses and stores and on and off lorries, but, when they are retracted, by pressing a foot pedal in the Pally, the load sits securely on the floor.

Brightside-based Loadhog has modified its Lid to cope with the larger than standard boxes that Farmatodo uses, allowing the Venezuelan firm to eliminate the use of fork lift and pump trucks, conventional pallets and stretch wrap film to secure loads, while increasing mobility in transit areas.

Farmatodo logistics project manager José Zubillaga said: “The Pally and Lid system not only helps to save time in the loading and unloading of the trucks, but also reduces product damage and serves as a secure and efficient tool for transporting products.”

Loadhog sales manager Damien Montagne added: “The milestone deal with Farmatodo is the result of a great working relationship between our companies.

“The design, tooling and manufacture of the bespoke lid to work on our existing system took less than three months and is testament to the tremendous effort of our design team.”

Loadhog’s system involves stacking boxes filled with products on top of a Pally, which can carry loads of up to half a tonne and incorporates foot pedals which cause the Pally’s wheels to retract when pressed, leaving it securely on the floor.

The company’s Lids are designed to be put on top of the stack and incorporate retractable straps which can be secured to the Pally and tensioned, holding the whole load firmly while the Pally is moved or when the stack is placed in a lorry.

n Other international successes for Loadhog have included winning approval from one of Australia’s largest glass manufacturers for its revolutionary Smartstak patented glass bottle transporting system.

The Queen’s Award-winning Smartstak system comprises injection moulded, waved edge layer pads, called Smartpad, and a spring loaded Smartframe, which work together to prevent the collapse of stacks of bottles during transportation or storage.

After pilot testing the system, the Australian company specified Smartstak as the method for moving bottles between its Australian and New Zealand operations.