Top shirt style tips from Jane Chapman

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Colour and style expert Jane Chapman from Broomhill’s True Colours Image Consultancy is another advocate of the importance of a good shirt for any well-dressed man.

“A high quality, well-fitting shirt is one of the key items in any man’s wardrobe, yet many overlook that fact,” she says.

“It’s tempting to fall into the trap of investing in a good suit or jacket but skimping on the shirt, thinking that’s what’s under the jacket is less important.

“But buy a cheap-looking, poorly fitting shirt and it lets the overall look down.”

Here are Jane’s four top tips for choosing a great shirt:

1. Go for good quality cotton fabric. An easy test is to put your hand behind the fabric, hold it up to the light, and make sure that you can’t see your hand through it.

2. Make sure the shoulder seams finish where your shoulders do – the shoulder fabric should not be too narrow or hanging off you.

3. Get the sleeve length right, finishing at the wrist, not halfway down your hand.

4. Choose plain, light coloured shirts, followed by stripes, for a moral formal look.