‘They knew for a year but left it until the last minute’

Spencer Davies
Spencer Davies
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Twenty four hours without the internet is painful for a business - two weeks could be terminal.

But that’s the delay some Origin Broadband customers could be facing after the Digital Region network was switched off last week.

The Doncaster company is now trying to connect customers to the Talk Talk network, but it could take up to two weeks and could mean a new phone line and phone number.

Those who want to leave Origin altogether also face having to pay for a new line to be installed.

Spencer Davies is founder and administrator of the Digital Region Community Support Forum which has been trying to help people. He says he has seen up to 300 complaints.

He said: “A lot of people have been complaining and rightly so.

“Origin was notified about the shut down a year in advance but left it until the last minute.

“In July they were saying there would be no downtime so customers weren’t worried.

“But at the last minute they said BT was charging too much.

“They had a year to work out how much it would cost each customer.

“I think they thought they could set up a new network but ran out of time and didn’t have a Plan B.

“Now, some people haven’t even got a landline, Origin says they are calling customers back but there is plenty of evidence it’s not happening.

“Its website states there are no service issues at present.”

The Forum’s help guide for customers is here: http://drlforum.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=1252