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D Poddington
D Poddington
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Award-winning companies focus energy and resources on the things they do best, but that doesn’t mean they neglect the rest. Employment law and HR are classic examples.

High growth can only be built on solid foundations. In other words, good policies and procedures that are current, compliant and provide comprehensive protection are good for business.

While few entrepreneurs and company owners relish the regulatory aspects of being an employer, they recognise issues can blow up if left unchecked.

This often results in substantial unbudgeted costs and a drain on management time that would be better focused on research and development or product innovation.

Resolving workplace disputes or defending tribunal claims can be lengthy and complex, which is why we advocate prevention, rather than a cure.

There are, of course, circumstances when litigation is unavoidable, but taking positive steps to ensure your workforce is managed professionally will reduce the risk of action enormously.

We act for businesses across the city region that recognise the value of cost certainty and compliance, but demand an HR strategy that comprises more than vanilla advice and standard guidance delivered from a call centre – often the model of budget consultancies.

Taylor&Emmet has been resolving employment issues for decades.

In fact, when industrial tribunals were created in the 1960s we were one of the first firms in Sheffield to specialise in this area of the law.

Why does this matter?

Because our clients understand the assessment of risk is where value is delivered.

They don’t want to pay us good money to tell them things they can find on the ACAS website.

A low risk route is not always the best option in any given circumstances.

We earn our money by providing opinionated, bespoke evaluations of the challenges you face as an employer and then standing by our advice.

From specialist steel producers to advanced manufacturing pioneers, we offer a fixed fee annual service tailored to the needs of local businesses.

We provide full employment law and HR compliance, backed up by expert advice from experienced solicitors who understand the South Yorkshire market.

Our HR support package – T&E Complete – aims to improve your employee relations and productivity.

It includes contracts of employment, policies and procedures and provides an online personnel system to manage practical tasks, such as holiday bookings.

We will also draw up letters and documents on your behalf, including settlement agreements and offer cost effective insurance against the risk of tribunal claims.

We believe manufacturers of all sizes should aspire to more than bare compliance.

With professional support, even the smallest enterprises can create a best practice environment in which staff know where they stand and what is expected. Taking HR out of the day-to-day management of a business means you can focus on growth and consequently, profit.

Our manufacturing heritage is renowned the world over and is a symbol of the determination and enthusiasm that drives innovators.

The current generation of makers and doers is more than living up to this reputation for excellence, which is why Taylor&Emmet is proud to be celebrating with the cream of the crop at this year’s City Region Business Awards.