The fine art of recycling

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FORGET Sheffield Council’s row with Veolia over recycling paper, bottles and cans - what about the little things?

By September all city residents will have the choice of collecting paper and cardboard in blue bins again.

But the long-running dispute between the council and its waste operator has overshadowed the finer points of recycling.

So here’s a list of items that aren’t collected at the kerb, but can be taken to bring-bank sites or the tip, or ‘recycling site’.

Yoghurt pots, foil food trays, jar lids, metal bottle tops, plastic milk bottle tops and plastic food trays like those that come with punnets of strawberries.

Cartons remain a problem. Veolia has just two banks for all of Sheffield and no plans to extend the service.

Cartons contain layers of paper, card, plastic and foil and are currently shipped to Sweden to be broken down.

A Veolia spokeswoman said it was more energy efficient to burn them in the incinerator than recycle them.

The two purple carton banks are at Waitrose and Archer Road Sainsburys.

A Tetra Pak spokesman said one in three UK local authorities - 135 in total - collected beverage cartons for recycling from the kerbside.

And, with 1,500 bring banks, 88 per cent of councils were covered.