Tapping in to beat infection

The new Antimicrobial Copper tap from Pegler Yorkshire
The new Antimicrobial Copper tap from Pegler Yorkshire
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Pegler Yorkshire is poised to launch a range of taps designed to radically reduce the passing on of infectious diseases in hospitals.

The Doncaster company has made the new hospital taps from “Antimicrobial Copper,” which keeps killing infectious bacteria in between being cleaned with disinfectant and says it is the first company in the UK to launch a product of this type.

Pegler says that 80 per cent of infections are transferred by touch and healthcare facilities across Europe are responsible for four million infections each year.

Tap product market manager Mike Dickinson said: “As the healthcare industry strives to prevent the transfer of infectious bacteria, and with taps being one area of a hospital that is continuously used, it is imperative that manufacturers develop new products to help combat the issues facing the industry.

“The results of research conducted by specialists across the world has shown that the antimicrobial benefits of copper far outweigh any other product on the market. Antimicrobial Copper surfaces are the most effective touch surface, ideal for the healthcare environment where their inherent, continuous ability to kill bacteria will supplement infection control measures.”

Antimicrobial Copper’s benefits include continuing to work even if the surface is scratched and not losing its effectiveness in the way that coatings or other treatments can. Pegler is also helping to combat the threat of Legionella in hospitals with the help of its thermostatic mixing valves which allow water to be kept hot yet still be delivered at a safe temperature.