Superfast way to broadband access

More choice: David Cowell.
More choice: David Cowell.
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superfast broadband will be more accessible in South Yorkshire’s Digital Region after a contract deal with Fluidata.

The London-based company acts as an ‘ISP aggregator,’ providing access to broadbrand infrastructure to more than 50 separate Internet Service Providers.

The contract between Digital Region and Fluidata will allow those ISPs to make superfast broadband services available to business and residential customers across South Yorkshire, without incurring any of the initial costs of linking directly into the network.

Digital Region’s chief operating officer David Cowell said: “Signing a deal to bring Fluidata on to the Digital Region network is a great achievement.

“It will generate a wide range of additional broadband services for the residents and businesses in South Yorkshire and create more choice for the end user.

“Now that the first build phase of the network is complete and 80 per cent of the region is able to access superfast broadband, our aim is to increase the number of ISPs on the network. We are working on a number of deals that will help transform the region and encourage businesses to locate here.

“The Digital Region network is transforming South Yorkshire and we are certain that bringing Fluidata on board will further our endeavours.”

Fluidata director Piers Daniell said: “The Digital Region network is an exciting sales proposition for the ISPs associated with Fluidata using our Service Exchange Platform.

“We are delighted to have signed a contract that allows our ISPs to offer enhanced services in South Yorkshire and gives them the opportunity to utilise such a wide reaching next generation network. I’m sure our ISPs will have some fantastic offers for the residents and businesses within the region.”