Study reveals the bad habits of drivers in Sheffield

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NEWS: News.
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A third of drivers in Sheffield have admitted to speeding regularly, a new survey has found.

A study of 300 city drivers’ bad habits found 33 per cent regularly break the speed limit, while 32 per cent are guilty of often eating and drinking while they are behind the wheel.

Drowsy driving is also a problem in Sheffield, with 26 per cent of people surveyed confessing to driving while they are tired.

Almost 16 per cent of drivers admitted using their mobile phone while at the wheel, 10 per cent confessed that they regularly neglect to wearing a seatbelt and six per cent partake in personal grooming as they drive.

The data was collected by The Car Loan Warehouse as part of a wider study into Britain’s bad driving habits.

Nationally, more than 25 per cent of UK drivers break speed limits and drive while drowsy – and 32 per cent eat and drink on the road.

Study conducted by The Car Loan Warehouse