Students boost city’s economy by £279 million

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students pump more than £279 million into Sheffield’s economy each year, according to a new report.

The research carried out by Santander shows students studying in Sheffield spend an average of £146.90 a week on groceries, clothes, transport and rent.

This compares with the average figure for the UK of £175.20 per week.

Rent represents the biggest portion of students’ outgoings, accounting for almost half of their weekly spend.

It is followed by groceries – which take up 19 per cent of their budget – going out - 11 per cent and transport - eight per cent.

Luis Juste, of Santander said: “It’s clear that students play a major role in the city in which they study, making a key contribution to the local economy.

“We believe attracting a vibrant student population provides a region with academic and economic benefits.”