Students are a boon to city

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Government proposals that could lead to the introduction of medical charges for international students have been condemned by The University of Sheffield Students’ Union.

A new Immigration Bill introduced to Parliament for its first debate includes proposals for a healthcare levy of at least £200 for international students.

But Ally Bucky, president of The University of Sheffield students’ union, warned the reform could be the tipping point that pushes international students away.

And he said such proposals could even have a major negative impact on the Sheffield economy.

“Last year international students brought £120 million net profit to Sheffield, including NHS costs,” Ally said. “A reduction in numbers could be terrible for our city.”

Alex Kohnert, International Officer for the Students’ Union, added: “The people of Sheffield have always welcomed international students. A lot of them stay on in jobs this country struggles to train workers for, contributing to the city long after their studies finish.”